Identity for "Pies w koronie" is an application for previewing matches and live results for games from around the world.

Our role

In the era of the pandemic, there was a certain social initiative that did not focus only on the thought of man, although this too cannot be ruled out. It took into account the welfare of animals, locked up with their owners in their homes during quarantine.


The creation of the project, was to show that the industry can create a product, with a view not only to e-commerce, but also in such hard times, we go against the problems and give comfort of peace about the pet, closed in four walls with its owner.

Work stages


The methodology that helped us with the design was to consider each age group, fitting into the target audience. After all, young users were not the only ones who fell victim to the Crown Virus. We wanted a friendly interface that would easily reach everyone.


All processes that we programmed in the project were based on research, which was supposed to show the target group, its biggest problems and solutions in an appropriate way. Analyses and tests supported the information architecture and intuitive interface.


All items were recorded and documented. In a precise way, we arranged the acquired information so that it constituted an adequate knowledge base for the next steps in building the product from scratch.


The visual identity that came out of our hands was radiant with simplicity and elegance, but above all with a friendly disposition.


le.The project work resulted in an integrated, well-functioning system of collaborative assistance, among users. It was and is a non-profit project, which gave an additional socially useful overtone to the whole.

The tools, methods and techniques

- Identity
- Adobe Illustrator
- Miro & Figma & Canva
- Brainstorming

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