UX/UI Fimple, cooking precision

Fimple.tv is the service, which offers culinary courses. You can think that is just simply cooking lessons, but it is much more. Their idea is to teach people how to make their own homemade products. They give the possibility to learn how to bake bread, make butter or sausages from the professionals.

Our role

Our job was to conducting an audit which it had to evaluate perception of the website by its users. After this we have made some changes and improvements to create this website more user-friendly.

Project context

You can think that what Fimple offers is just simply cooking lessons, but it is much more. Their idea is to teach people how to make their own home made products! They share their passion for cooking and show that it’s not as difficult as it seems to be. All this knowledge without living home!

Work stages

Methods of work

For the beginning we got acquainted with website’s operation, so that we can find the best solution. Thanks to analysis, comparisons and project designing we unified inconsistent elements, improved verbal messages, mobile and desktop views. One of the components of our activities was UX Writing. In the end, we provided the development mode that was necessary to implement the website by the development team.

UX Analysis

We made a Website heuristic analysis to identify UX and UI mistakes. This step helps us to prepare a list of errors identified during the analysis process and inform it of the ordering party.

UX Design

During this stage, we were focused on improving UX and UI mistakes on mobile and desktop views identified during the heuristic analysis. To correct the UX Design we based on the current template and Figma software.

User Flow

The user flow has been designed to minimize the risk of getting lost on the website. Now buying a cooking course is intuitive and easy for everyone.

UX writing

Very important thing on this kind of service are text messages that leading user to his purpose. It is also something we have refined. Now everyone who is interesting in making home made products can find what they looking for without any problem. Don’t you know how to find the right course and start it? Our communicates are guide you!


As a result, we designed a website that is intuitive to use, thanks to which every user hasn’t got a problem with using the service and buying the cooking course.

The tools, methods and techniques

- Kickoff meeting
- Hotjar
- Product Strategy
- Heuristic analysis
- UX design
- Figma
- Testing

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