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Working in an international team in the User Experience industry - pros, cons, differences, problems and solutions.

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Who are we? is an international UX agency with repsesentatives in England, Spain and Poland. We work fully remotely, which allows us to hire talent from all over the world. We also work with international clients.

Inclusion and diversity is one of our core values. We also use our cultural diversity experience to enhance the quality of our UX designs.

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We have got multiple awards, recognitions, projects and satisfied customers under our belt. What you see below are just some of the stats that we have collected over the years.

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What's inside?

Communication in a diverse team

If you are an entrepreneur you have most likely recognised the value of communication already. It is a decisive element whether customers will be buying your product.

The key is understanding different perspectives

Multicultural experience teaches empathy. Empathy is saught after in UX design industry. The ability to walk in somebody else’s shoes is what makes designers build user-friendly websites.

Managing culturally diverse team

Cultural backgrounds are a sensitive subject. It requires special attention from managers that are leading multicultural teams.

We can gain a lot from the international team

A multicultural team is a huge advantage when working with User Experience processes. Also, it brings many benefits for the company and team members themselves. Even if working in such a team can be difficult sometimes.

Everybody is equal

Equality is a fundamental value and the foundation of building an international team. It applies to equal treatment and equal pay. After all, all that matters are skills and competencies and not birthplace, origin, ethnicity, cultural beliefs, etc...

"Good cooperation between people of different nationalities requires effort on both sides".

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