This project aimed to create a user-friendly program for the Beko fridges.

Our role

The main task was to facilitate user-fridge communication. First, we improved the LCD screens to make the function of the refrigerators easier to use. We also created a dedicated mobile app.

Project context

We worked for the Beko company. It's a popular producer of RTV devices and household appliances. They offer, among others, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers, and fridges. The goal of this project was to find the best and simplest solution for the LCD screens of refrigerators. We created everything so that the use of the appliance and its functions would not cause problems for the users.

Work stages


First, we had to conduct appropriate research. We got to know the functions of fridges and their operation. It was also important to meet the needs of users. Thanks to that we knew how to make the use of the appliance as easy for them as possible and create an intuitive application. We spent a lot of time analyzing the competition and the market. We determined if other companies' solutions work and if there is anything we can do similar or better. We have also prepared personas, i.e. profiles of potential users.

User flow

Based on the collected data, we have created a map of the user's journey through the product. Next, we prepared the information architecture for both the refrigerator screens and the mobile application.

User Experience

Having all the necessary information and assumptions, we started designing. We took care of the LCD screens and the application. So that both of these things work perfectly for the needs of users, and are also consistent with each other. We focused on functions such as improving the operation of the camera that allows viewing food inventory. We included other very important elements: meal planning, notifying about the expiry date, temperature supervision, water and ice level control. We also took care of the visual side of the project.


We made detailed documentation of our work. The research results were written down on an ongoing basis. The personas and information architecture we created also have been documented. At the end of the project, we wrote down all the changes and improvements we had made.


We have prepared a complete project for LCDs on BEKO refrigerators. And we also designed a special mobile application compatible with this appliance. Thanks to the conducted research, we have managed to develop user-friendly solutions. Now, daily use of the BEKO fridges will be simple and nice like never before!

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