We have recently been working on a project for Entelli. They are the creators of dedicated software for companies. It allows for the management of tasks and documentation. We took care of designing the website so that it showed the offered product in the best possible way. We created the information architecture. It was the basis for building an intuitive interface. Which helps the users get the necessary information and buy the software.

Our role

We were hired to create a product landing page for the EntelliCore business. The primary goal of the design was to lead users through the sales funnel and a high conversion rate. Therefore our priority was to create an informative UX writing with a UX design that screamed professionalism and reliability while sticking to the UX design guidelines.

Project context

EntelliCore is a company that sells bespoke CRM software for field service management. Their product helps users with task management, document and files storage, etc. Its USP is that it can be adapted to a particular company depending on their needs, and it can be available in a form of an application or a web platform. No need for installing any additional software.

Work stages


The research stage of this project consisted of desk research, creating personas, competition analysis, benchmarking, finding customer pain points, and designing information architecture. The whole process was concluded with a report which included recommendations for the design.


The UX/UI design matched the brand personality and style guide. We decided to go for a dark mode design so the app creative stood out from the landing page.


The documentation for this project included all steps of the research and design process as well as a summary of each meeting with the client. Every project we work on is documented in detail. This step helps us with keeping the team and the client on track with the progress made, and the decision-making behind each element of the design.


We designed a landing page optimized for desktop and mobile search. The landing page walks the user through all functional benefits of the EntelliCore offering as well as the easy implementation process. We also recommended social media activity on YouTube to show previews of bespoke solutions and how-to videos.

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