NFT Marketplace Ultiarena

We recently had the opportunity to work with NFT Marketplace. Their specialty is NFTs games. The problem was that they didn’t have a digital place for them.
So, what did we do? We have created a dedicated platform for game artists and developers. Our main goal was to create interesting interfaces to attract investors' attention. So, we combined functionality with an attractive design

Our role

Our task in this project was to create a platform for gamers and games developers. We dealt with the creation of interfaces for various sections of the page. We have also prepared a visual design of the product. All this is based on the principles of User Experience.

Project context

We worked here with NFT Marketplace. The goal was to create a place where they could offer their games as well as social platforms for players. We undertook this task and designed a website where people can buy games and add them to their NFT collection. And also getting to know each other, talking, exchanging insights. Our goal was also to design the portal so that it would attract the attention of investors.

Work stages


There is no good UX without proper research. We always follow this principle and it was no different this time. We researched to properly define the target group. The players can be completely different people. We had to consider both advanced users and complete laymen. We have defined what they need so that they can easily and willingly use the platform. We have built a wide information architecture, taking into account different sections regarding games and players' contact with each other.

User Experience

Based on research and the information architecture that we built, we designed the platform and its interfaces to be as user-friendly as possible. We have created a Marketplace subpage where users can find and buy NFTs games, as well as find other players. A next section is a place full of up-to-date information and interesting facts from the world of games. Players can also post their content here and contact each other. Next, we have designed a subpage where gamers can join the tournaments. And a few others that allow using the wealth of the NFT games. Everything is based on simple and intuitive interfaces that guide the user.


Good design is essential to the success of a digital product. In this case, the entire portal was designed in dark shades. The main colors are shades of blue and navy blue. They are completed with black and gray. We also chose the appropriate font. We put themed images and other visual sundries.


We have prepared documentation for the entire project. We described the research results, defined goals, and problems, and listed all project assumptions. We also documented all design work. Thanks to this, the client can review everything that has been done by us. It is also easier for us if we would come back to the project.


As a result, we were able to design a platform rich in possibilities for NFT Marketplace. We have created a place for the distribution and purchase of games, as well as a social platform for all gamers and game developers. The entire website consists of simple and intuitive interfaces that help users navigate through the portal. Everything is completed by a design consistent with the theme and nature of the website.

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