Okularium - You'll see the difference

Okularium is a place where professionalism, precision and a wide range of services dedicated to your eyes. Okularium specializes in consulting in the selection of appropriate products for your needs, comprehensive eye examinations. You will find there the best brands from all over the world.

Our role

The entire team involved in the Okularium project focused on precision, efficiency, and being pro-user, giving you the opportunity to interact with a well-organized, intuitive product that is not only visually flawless, but also a safe shopping destination that works flawlessly


The product was created for the most demanding users. We know how important is the health of your eyes, perfectly fitting elements that will improve your image and mood. We have assembled into an integral whole the necessary services that will help you in one place to settle all the necessary procedures for selection of glasses..

Work stages


Why is the product valuable and works flawlessly? It is based on a great deal of detailed research and analysis, which helps to find possible problems, and to react quickly. We believe that nice looks are not enough when functionality fails. We prevent errors before they even occur. We are based on facts.


We made it sure that in creating Okularium, all moves and decisions made were documented. We created an appropriate knowledge base, in which we included component design, micro-interaction processes, storeguide elements, architecture descriptions and necessary user path analyses, backed by research.

Visual design

The design style was based on minimalism, elegance, supported by elements of communication with the customer. The goal of creating a reliable interface was to increase sales conversions and make the user's journey through the product more pleasant. Everything is based on set standards.

UX writing

Good placement of elements on the interface is extremely important, although not only the color or shape will attract the user's eye and lead it from point a to point b. We create accurate and catchy content, adjusted to the psychology of product use, so that each person using Okularium, intuitively strives to buy.


When working for x days on a project, we try to put all our attention to detail. It's very important that the final product is polished. As a result, we get smooth transitions of the user path, clear reactions to the interface design and success in the form of increased sales conversion.


We have prepared a complete project for LCDs on BEKO refrigerators. And we also designed a special mobile application compatible with this appliance. Thanks to the conducted research, we have managed to develop user-friendly solutions. Now, daily use of the BEKO fridges will be simple and nice like never before!

The tools, methods and techniques

- Kickoff meeting
- UX audit
- Market analysis
- Improvements
- Miro & Figma
- Brainstorming
- Testing

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