Turyści.pl - to the end of the world and beyond

Welcome to the world of travel and access to unlimited travel news. You have in front of you a project that was created to expand your knowledge on topics that may come in handy when you grab your suitcase.

Our role

Turyści Portal, is a project that aimed to lure all the lovers of travel and interesting facts from the world. The main objective of the portal was to focus on information in terms of traversing the world. The whole pro science environment, was well composed with a smoothly running portal system.

Project context

The whole project was intended to have the overtones of an online travel knowledge bank. The content that was posted, and still is, helped increase the knowledge of each user. There were also guides to specific elements of travelling around the world.

Work stages

Methods of work

The methodology we used to proactively and successively build a well-functioning system, enticing the user, was competitive analysis, benchmarks, ux elements, all consistent with the aesthetics and guided by user comfort.


The in-depth UX research phase consisted of several research techniques. We looked into personas, we conducted desk research, Google Analytics analysis, competitor analysis, benchmarking, cognitive and heuristics analysis. We created a webpage prototype based on findings and then conducted usability testing to find areas for improvement within our design.


The analysis carried out during the first cognitive processes with the idea of redesigning the site allowed to determine the number of potential recipients in the space of a day or a week. This made the path of ux building very easy, because we could find possible problems.


We documented every move, even the smallest ones, so that we could eventually reconstruct the entire process. Recording the information in this way helped us to analyze in depth each movement and decision once again to further clarify the processes involved.


As a result, we received an efficient source of information with a well-functioning system, a pleasant interface, useful content and one hundred percent adapted to the target group for which the portal was actually created.

The tools, methods and techniques

- Kickoff meeting
- Product Strategy
- Research UX
- Lo-fidelity wireframing
- Brainstorming
- Personas
- Miro & Figma
- Testing

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