UX/UI Betfare, football betting exchange app

This American football betting exchange app gives the players a chance to bet without a bookmaker. A user sends their bet offer. Once it gets accepted, a thrilling game between the two users starts.

Project goal

Therefore, we strived for a shorter, concise customer journey. It starts with a user’s motivation to make a bet offer. Sending it to the other player is a final touchpoint.


Despite a platform’s simplicity, their users could easily get distracted. A key aspect was to design with the aim of driving a stable customer engagement.

Work stages

Initial phase

Firstly, we collected all the data and knowledge from market and competition analysis, as well as an extensive interview with the customer. In the next step we organized a brainstorming session with the entire project team. We discussed about good practices and looked for the best ideas to put forward a visual design. As a result, we worked out assumptions that matched the business goals and experiences of users.


A modal window that we’ve introduced eliminates the need to open another page. Betfare users can navigate the platform within a single level.

Visual design

The results? A neat, usable design in line with UI trends, with an extremely well thought of UX. The components kept in one style mean no distractions and annoyances for the users. A sure thing they will come back.

The tools, methods and techniques

- Kickoff meeting
- Research UX
- Product Strategy
- Identity
- Lo-fidelity wireframing
- Brainstorming
- Figma

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