UX/UI Dreamiteam - magic IT world

We last worked on website for IT company. We created all user experience flow, analysis and research, architecture this site, and all of UX process.

Our role

The goal of this project was to prepare a new visual design supporting conversion and sales via the website for the DreamITeam. We were obligated to prepare architecture contributing to SEO activities on the website. The challenge was to combine the magic context with the IT industry-specific so we decided to focus on animations and interactions that appear in almost every section of the website, giving the user an impression of magic.

Methods of work

First of all, we made the market and competitors analysis to understand the broad project context and identify best practices. Secondly, we analyzed the sides of potential competitors and listed their strengths and weaknesses. The entire work was summed up with an extensive report and conclusions based on which the visual design was created. The next step was to conduct an extensive interview with the customer and establish the main business goals, directions, and priorities of the project.

Work stages


We organized a brainstorming session with the entire project team. Before that, we collected all the data and knowledge from market and competition analysis, as well as an extensive interview with the customer. We discussed good practices and looked for the best ideas to put forward a visual design. As a result, we worked out assumptions that matched the business goals and experiences of users.


The project was created in cooperation with an SEO agency and a development team selected by the client. All the work was aimed at refreshing the company’s image on the web and helping in the company’s development through employer branding.

Visual design

At the graphic design stage, we used the detailed interview report. The website design includes a huge amount of interactive elements that create users a possibility to play with them on every subpage, thanks to which they can feel the magic power of DreamITeam services. The initial design was made in Adobe XD. In this way, the client was able to see our design vision and express his opinion.

Identity design

We understand how good design adds value to a product or offer and in which cases it is the key to success. We have created a lot of identification materials for Dreamiteam such as - letterhead, mugs, social material as well as the mouse pad design which we present in this post.

UX and SEO writing

During the project, we were involved in preparing a substantive contribution to the SEO requirements and correct flow for the user and potential employees or customers of the company.


As a result, we made a user-friendly website that combines the magic context with the IT industry-specific. The most important role on the website was to prepare a text that preserves the best principles of writing according to user experience and emphasizes the magical aura of DreamITeam’s action.

Solutions and results discover

As a result, we create a new version of the website with micro-interactions in mind by combining magic terminology with a new website. An extensive interview with the client helps us to better understand their needs and prepare UX Writing for the entire website. Moreover, we supported SEO activities and achieved user focus on reaching the website's goal like contacting the company and purchasing their service.

The tools, methods and techniques

- Kickoff meeting
- Research UX
- Product Strategy
- Identity
- Lo-fidelity wireframing
- Brainstorming
- Figma

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