UX/UI YourScore

Yourscore.pl is an application for previewing matches and live results for games from around the world.

Our role

Our role of this project was to prepare a visual design an application for previewing matches and live results for games from around the world. We were focused at analysis and research and user needs.

Methods of work

First of all, we made the market and competitors analysis to understand the broad project context and identify best practices. Secondly, we analyzed the sides of potential competitors and listed their strengths and weaknesses. The entire work was summed up with an extensive report and conclusions based on which the visual design was created. After that we prepared AI.

Work stages

Visual design

The web app design includes a huge amount of interactive elements that create users a possibility to engange with them on every subpage. The initial design was made in Figma.

Identity design

We understand how good design adds value to a product or offer and in which cases it is the key to success. We have created logotype for Your Score which is present in this shot of interface.

Development and improvements

As a result, we made a user-friendly web app that combines the bet context with the user needs. The most important role on the app was to prepare a claims/CTA which guides the user through the product. At this stage, we implemented the project on the side of the development team, and on the side of the UX team, we introduced the necessary functional improvements.a of redesigning the site allowed to determine the number of potential recipients in the space of a day or a week. This made the path of ux building very easy, because we could find possible problems.

Solutions / Results Discover

As a result, we create a interface for the web application with micro-interaction. An extensive interview with the client helps us to better understand their needs and prepare CTA for the entire product.


As a result, we received an efficient source of information with a well-functioning system, a pleasant interface, useful content and one hundred percent adapted to the target group for which the portal was actually created.

The tools, methods and techniques

- Kickoff meeting
- Product Strategy
- Research UX
- Lo-fidelity wireframing
- Brainstorming
- Personas
- Miro & Figma
- Testing

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